Lately I have enjoyed adding a pop of color to my outfits. Usually I gravitate toward wearing safe colors; white, black, grey, neutral tans. However, as wonderful as neutrals on their own may feel a splash of melon or turquoise adds excitement to the day and helps me feel like I am not simply wearing the same outfit over and over again. Jonathan got me this Tommy Hilfiger bag for Christmas and it is already sold out! I linked a similar style that I found down below for anyone wanting to copy this look. This bag is nice for me because I do a lot of walking and it keeps my hands free while also carrying everything I need for the day.

fashion final-43.jpg

Five items I cannot leave the house without throwing in my bag: a cliff bar (because I'm always hungry), my Hydro Flask, a pair of mittens (my hands are constantly cold), chapstick, and headphones (a must-have for walking around in a big city).

fashion final-3232.jpg

The sheer top from Urban Outfitters is also a Christmas present from my mother-in-law! I thought the one lone flower was going to be awkward at first, but after wearing this top to school, it really grew on me. This material does tend to draw up so if you are planning on buying anything sheer, order a size up.

fashion final-98.jpg

These shoes from Banana Republic are some of my new favs. They require a little breaking in for the first couple of days and are more comfortable if worn with toe socks. They have some cute detailing on the heel and are a casual and fashionable go-to.

fashion final-5423.jpg
Fashion 1 -2.jpg

Michael Kors 

$228.00 (similar)

Fashion 1 -3.jpg

Banana Republic


Fashion 1 -1.jpg


$9.00 (similar)

Meghan Mathews