Prague is a very easy city to find your way around in as a tourist. All of the main sites are very easy to see in a short amount of time. This city was perfect for Jonathan and I’s schedule since we only had a little over 12 hours to cram in an entire city. We started off the morning by heading to the Old Town Square. This is the heart of the city where stunning 10th century architecture, local musicians playing, and flocks of tourists taking selfies can be found. Here is also the location of the Church of Our Lady Before Týn and the Astronomical Clock. However, Jonathan and I were bummed because both of these landmarks were under construction and partially covered up on the day we went so we weren’t able to see them completely.

We studied a little bit on the history of Prague before we came but we found that we could learn a bit more knowledge by hanging out close to nearby English tour guides. There is an abundance of them in the square and on the road to St. Charles Bridge. So, why not take advantage of a little free information? ;))

St. Charles bridge is beautiful and very crowded with tourists, street musicians, and vendors selling trinkets or offering to draw your caricature. From this bridge there is an excellent view of the river and other side of Prague with it’s famous orange rooftops and castle on the hill.

Just a slight detour off of the Royal Route from the Old Town Square up to Prague castle took us to the Lennon Wall created by young Czechs after John Lennon’s death because they viewed him as a pacifist hero of their time. In 1980 an image on Lennon was painted on the wall along with The Beatles’ quotes, promoting love and peace. Police tried to whitewash this wall but could never keep it clean for long. The wall continues to be added to to this day and all that remains of the original Lennon graffiti are his eyes. While this was another heavily trafficked site, it was probably my favorite place in all of Prague and not just because I am a sucker for art. At this wall, different nationalities from all over the world stop to take pictures or spray paint their own message of love and peace on the wall. It is a place where everyone forgets their different backgrounds and cultures and all bond together in artistic expression. What can be a more beautiful thing?

Jonathan and I really wanted to try a place I had researched and found online beforehand called Kulat’ak which is a local restaurant chain that serves authentic Czech food for reasonable prices. We heard that the original restaurant was worth the 30 minute detour walk to get there so we made the trek over to a quieter part of town for lunch.

The beer was amazing and the chef offered three different entree specials for the day so we just randomly chose one because we couldn’t read Czech and got lucky with a hearty lentil soup and a Španělský ptáček (stewed beef roll filled with bacon, pickle, sausage, and hard-boiled egg) and rice pilaf topped with flavorful gravy. This entire meal was only around $10 and big enough for two people to split.

One other foodie tip would be to try the trdelník down in the village. There are countless stands and small shops that sell them and come with a variety of stuffings and toppings. Jonathan and I originally only bought one to share but wished we had gotten two because they are so addicting!

The final two places we hit in our day in Prague was Letna Park where we sat down and accidentally fell asleep in the grass for two hours, and Prague Castle which we walked through and admired the architecture. Visitors are allowed inside the gates of the castle free of charge but there is an admission fee for an inside tour.

Prague definitely treated us well and I would love to return again someday if at least just to enjoy another trdenlník!

Meghan Mathews