Jonathan and I really wanted to experience the sea during the warm summer heat and realized that living just outside of Rome, we were not as far from the Mediterranean as we had thought. We chose to visit a couple of small coastal towns on two different day trips that would take us around 3 hours to get to by bus or train. Santa Marinella was further north and slightly closer while Anzio was a little south of Rome on the tip of a peninsula. 

Our journey to Santa Marinella included a couple of bus stops in Viterbo and Civitavecchia where we got to explore a little Italian history including Forte Michelangelo which was built in the 15th century by the current pope of that time in order to defend the Port of Civitaveccia from pirate invasions threatening the city. Santa Marinella itself was very beautiful and the beach and was not far at all from the train station where we got off. However, a lot of the beach was owned by hotels on the waterfront and the public were not allowed to lounge on their beaches. The only sand open to the public was a small section on either side and it was very crowded with families and small children. There was a small reef a little further out that Jonathan and I swam out to and dove around in the water but the sea floor was also covered in sharp coral which made it more difficult to travel.

Our experience in Anzio the following week was a much more positive one. There was a lot of beach space that was open to the public and the sea was clear and warm with a soft sandy sea floor to walk on. We spent a lot of time in the water and tanning on the shore before exploring the quaint little coastal town for gelato! If we ever go back to the coast to see the Mediterranean again, it will definitely be in Anzio.

Traveling young with my partner is a time that cannot be forgotten and I think should be an aspiration for any young couple with the desire to see the world. If you have questions on how to travel for an extended period of time from a young couple who is doing it, message me or let me know what topic you would like to read about in a future post!

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Meghan Mathews